Boat taxi over Lake Ounasjärvi


At Hetan Kota, you get the necessary transport services for your hiking trip flexibly. We will move the car to the agreed location and the boat ride will leave our own shore over Lake Ounasjärvi. All services from the same address!

Book a boat taxi over Lake Ounasjärvi:

For accommodation / car tranfer customers 10€ / person. Just boat taxi 15 €/person

The boat can take up to 8 people with backpacks at a time, and transports are made at standard departure times every day in June-September at 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Book your own place and head for a hiking adventure.


Good to know

Please arrive ready to leave and go through the checkout to confirm your payment. If you have paid for the ride in advance, please present a receipt or pay at the check-in desk on the spot. The service has a weather reservation! Strong wind conditions may prevent transportation on the lake.


For groups

In addition to standard departures, we offer boat rides for groups. In addition to the church boat, we have another motorboat at our disposal.