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In the demanding weather conditions of the Arctic, sustainable development and ecological solutions are the basic preconditions for everyday life. All of our buildings utilise geothermal energy and are heated with circulating water. Due to our advantageous location, our supply of geothermal heat is efficiently obtained through a heat-collection pipeline embedded in Lake Ounasjärvi. This pipeline runs for over a nine hundred meters.

We often favour local production and choose to work with local service providers. To ensure financial sustainability, we strive to use local services and labour whenever it’s possible and available to us.

Responsibility, in all aspects, is a value we hold dear to us.



  • At the heart of our operations is the ‘Lapland lifestyle’, which entails living in harmony with nature.
  • The placement of the buildings takes into account the valuable landscape as well as the overall health and quality of the surrounding nature. 
  • All of our buildings are timber-framed. This has been scientifically proven to lower both blood pressure and stress.
  • All our buildings utilise water circulation in order to obtain geothermal heat from Lake Ounasjärvi.
  • In residential buildings, the interior temperature is set to 21 degrees celsius. 
  • The yard was built utilising raw materials from the surrounding area.
  • It is possible for our customers to spend their entire holiday in our yard. All of our program services are based on our own land as well as the surrounding area. Any required equipment and appropriate clothing items are also provided.
  • Depending on the season, we have bicycles and snowshoes available for use. Customers are encouraged to use them to explore the surrounding area on their own, leaving a small carbon footprint.
  • We minimize food waste wherever possible e.g. we make rolls and rieska from leftover porridge. 
  • As much as possible, we use fresh raw materials that we have collected, produced or have been caught by locals. Any products we have to purchase are ideally from small, domestic producers.
  • We serve local, clean water for our customers.
  • We have a local water and sewage system.
  • We sort our waste into metal, glass, cardboard and paper.
  • We try to avoid disposable containers. Washable cups and glasses are available in our public areas.
  • When it comes to choosing materials, we strive to find quality products in the surrounding area.



  • Hetan Kota is our family home and family business. Our dog Teukka and our cat Rontti freely roam about the yard to entertain our guests.
  • Lapland culture remains at the heart of our operations and defines the core of our entire business. The traditional lifestyle is always present and features as an everyday part of our lives.
  • Our buildings are modelled after traditional Sámi huts.
  • We use local products and local services based on the available supply.
  • We recommend our customers to opt for local operators and service providers who meet our own quality criteria.
  • Our store has handicrafts made by locals and uses local materials such as local reindeer fur and antlers.
  • We respect the traditional Finnish sauna culture and we can swim all year round in the clean River Ounasjärvi.
  • All are welcome 



  • Our target is for year-round operation, which makes full use of our properties and ensures that employee recruitment is more sustainable.
  • We prefer permanent employment.
  • We primarily employ local additional labor as needed.
  • We do not have foreign seasonal workers, but we strive to find suitable workers from professionals working in the area.
  • We buy and use local services and products according to supply.
  • We work transparently with our customers and partners and are more than happy to tell you more about our operations.
  • The operation of our family business is long-term. Our buildings, products and services are designed with high-quality materials in order to serve our customers for decades to come.