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Polar Night in Hetta

Starts 6th of December ends 6th of January

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Midnight Sun in Hetta

Starts 23rd of May ends 18th of July

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Hetan Kota

Homelike accommodation for groups, families and individuals

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Safely to the wilderness!

Enjoy the unique athmosphere of the fells of Pallas-Ylläs national park

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Pallas-Ylläs National Park

Gateaway to the adventures

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Hetan Kota situates by the lake of Ounasjärvi

Hetan kota is homelike destination which offers individual accommodations for different kind of groups, families and friends. We will introduce you the local Lappish way of life, modern reindeer herding habits and vast wilderness. We are located in vicinity of 4 national parks, next to Pallas-Ylläs National Park where we offer backpacking packages.

Kota (lávvu in Sámi) was a temporary accommodation used by the Sámi people. It has a desing similar to a Native American teepee, but is less vertical and thus, more stable in high winds. It has enabled nomadic Sámi people of the treeless plains to follow their reindeer herds. It is still used as a temporary shelter by reindeer herders and increasingly by other people for camping. You can also see it in the yards of orinary homes across the Enontekiö/Sámiland/True Lapland where it is used for coocing and different kind of gatherings with friends and family.

The work kota is a very old word for home, from which the modern Finnish word home koti is derived. It has equivalents in all languages related to Finnish.

Hetan kota is owend by family Titta, Janne, Rontti and Teukka